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How to Sell More Cars at a Dealership

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Car Salesman

Hello there and welcome to the Visitor Chat blog. In this post we are going to look at effective methods of selling more cars at dealerships or other automotive businesses.

If you are a car salesman you probably want to learn how to sell more cars so that you can increase your commissions (and keep your boss happy).

If you are a car sales business owner or manager then you are most likely looking for ways to help your sales team to sell more cars.

Note – You should check out this page if you are interested in automotive live chat and this might also find this post about car dealership lead generation useful.

Either way if you want to increase car sales we have got some simple but very effective tips to help you succeed so let’s take a look…

Great Ways to Sell More Cars at Auto Dealerships

So this is our list of how to sell more cars at a dealership in brief, we are then going to look at each one in more detail:

  1. Get Really Good at Generating Leads for New Potential Customers
  2. Get Really Good at Following Up On Leads
  3. Get Good at Filtering “Lookers” from “Buyers”
  4. Figure Out Your Customers Needs and Then Do Your Best to Meet Them
  5. Know Your Stock of Cars Inside Out
  6. Sell Benefits More than Features
  7. Always, Always, Always Follow Up Any Potential Sales

Get Really Good at Generating Leads for New Potential Customers

There are two principle ways to sell cars at a dealership, from off the street customers or from contacts who you find out are looking for a car and need advice and information before visiting to inspect the vehicle.

We look at both types of car sales in this post but first we will focus on lead generation.

Here at Visitor Chat we have created a system of generating leads to help sell more cars that is both highly effective and very simple.

If you try us out we will set up our fully managed chat system on your website or Facebook page.

Once it is live, whenever any interested customers visit your site or Facebook page they will be invited to chat.

On the other end of the chat will be one of our team of highly trained automotive experts who will then follow our training and convert these visitors into leads.

Your car sales team will be sent the leads and can then chase them up and convert as many as possible into new customers for your auto dealership.

Click here if you would like to find out more about how Visitor Chat can generate leads for your business 24 hours per day, seven days per week on auto pilot.

Car dealers

Get Really Good at Following Up on Leads

There is no point doing lead gen and marketing if you don’t then work hard to convert as many people into car sales as you possibly can.

  • Setup systems such as regularly checking voice mail, post and email for any potential new business then track the process of chasing each lead.
  • Note the first time of trying to make contact.
  • If you don’t get in touch make a note to try again (and again if necessary).
  • If you can’t convert them into a sale on this first call do you need to try again with more info? Or remove this lead from your list and move on to the next one?
  • As you went through this process did you gather all their details? Encourage them to engage with your dealership on social media? Did you try to start a friendly relationship with them?

We can’t say this enough, there is no point using Visitor Chat to create leads if you don’t follow them up systematically and try to convert every single one into a car sale!

Get Good at Filtering “Lookers” from “Buyers”

Now we are looking at face-to-face sales in your dealership, as a car salesperson you need to fine tune your ability to filter out genuine customers from browsers.

It’s important to remember that browsers are still important, they may be convertible, they may come back, you might get lucky.

But your primary focus should always be on people visiting your dealership looking to buy a car.

So how do you tell the difference? Mostly this comes with experience but there are some things you can do to help filter out the tire kickers.

If they ask for a test drive, if they want to haggle, if they ask questions about credit etc, these are all good signs that they are actually planning to buy a car rather than just spending time pretending that they do!

Figure Out Your Customers Needs and Then Do Your Best to Meet Them

As you engage with your potential customers alongside building a friendly relationship with them you should also be trying to figure out the following factors:

  • What is their budget?
  • What sort of car or vehicle do they need?
  • How quickly do they need it?

What is Their Budget?

You do not need to ask this outright “how much money do you have to spend” that question can work but…

A softer way of asking would be to say “what sort of price range are you looking at” this also allows them to reply with some leeway which may give you more room to up-sell them a more expensive car.

sales process

What Sort of Car or Vehicle do They Need?

As much information as you can get from them here, will help you to put them in front of the best match you have for their requirements.

What are their priorities? Cost, fuel efficiency status, style, color, size, speed, safety what do they want and why do they want it?

How Quickly Do They Need It?

Some car sales customers just want to buy a fairly good car as quickly and as easily as possible, some are in a rush and need a car that day.

Others might not be in a rush, in which case if you do not have anything suitable for them, you can tell them you will have a look around and come back to them with some more suitable cars.

Know Your Stock of Cars Inside Out

This is basic stuff that every car sales person should already know but is often overlooked.

All those times when you have no customers at your auto dealership you should spend familiarizing yourself with all the cars you have for sale.

If your dealership has hundreds of cars for sale then you should make sure you have a good idea of the range or prices and models and where they are in the lot.

If you have less cars for sale then you should get to know the ins and outs of every single one.

If potential customers arrive at the dealership and you can meet their needs with the perfect car as easily and seamlessly as you can manage, you are much more likely to be able to convert them into customers.

Sell Benefits More than Features

This applies to all sales of pretty much anything you could ever sell, customers don’t think about features but about the benefits those features will provide.

What is the difference? Here are some simple examples:

Feature – high levels of crash safety
Benefit – peace of mind when driving your kids to school

Feature – limited edition alloy wheels
Benefit – stand out from the crowd

It seems subtle but it’s really effective and if you master this one tactic you will be much closer to your goal of learning how to sell more cars at a dealership.

Always, Always, Always Follow Up Any Potential Sales

We have said this already but we will say it again, one of the best ways to sell more cars at a dealership is to work hard to close any leads, inquiries or visitors to your business.

Creating interest in the cars you have for sale is half the battle, maximize the potential from these efforts by busting your ass off to convert them into sales, commissions and profits!

NOTE – If you would like to learn how Visitor Chat can help your auto dealership to sell more cars or other vehicles click here…

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