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Car Dealership Lead Generation Made Easy

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Car Dealership

Welcome to the Visitor Chat blog. We specialize in helping car dealers and other businesses in the automotive industry to convert Facebook and website visitors into highly convertible leads.

In this post we are going to list some of the most effective ways of car dealership lead generation.

Our goal from this post is to send you away confident that you have a handful of great new ideas to try.

Or inspire you to revive some of your existing methods that you might have allowed to fall by the wayside.

Before we get started if you are interested in how we can help your automotive business to thrive then click here to find out more our car dealer live chat system (or this post to learn how to sell more cars at a dealership).

Lead Generation for Car Dealers Ideas

Here is a list of effective ways of generating leads for your auto dealership or other automotive business.

(These same suggestions would work just as well for an auto spares business or any sort of automotive repair service).

After this short list we will explain each one in detail, so you can really understand how they can help you increase sales and also how to implement them:

  1. Install Visitor Chat on Your Dealership Website
  2. Install Visitor Chat on Your Facebook Page
  3. Create or Improve Your Google My Business Listing
  4. Start or Improve the SEO on Your Website
  5. Examine Your Website’s Conversion Potential
  6. Business Cards Still Matter (and Branded Giveaways)
  7. Raise Your Social Media Game
  8. Consider Paid Advertising on Google or Social Platforms
  9. Use Highly Quality YouTube Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Site
  10. Start or Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy
  11. Use Offline Marketing to Complement Online
  12. Customer Service is Powerful Lead Generation
  13. Setup Protocols to Make Sure No Lead is Ever Wasted

Install Visitor Chat on Your Dealership Website

Visitor Chat is an automotive industry specialist chat services for car dealerships and other related businesses.

It works very simply, our fully managed chat software is installed on your website, then anytime a visitor lands on any pages of your site, they are asked if they would like support via text chat.

If they open the chat box, one of our team of highly trained and experienced automotive support operators will engage with them and help them with their inquiry.

Of course the team member can either lead them to the correct page of the site to help them find what they are looking for, or collect their details (name, email, phone, number, etc) and send it to your team to follow up as soon as you get the lead.

So in a nutshell, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year anyone who visits your site will be welcomed by our team and either given assistance or converted into a red hot lead for your team to chase.

This is a fully managed, human delivered, specialist customer support and lead generation system for your business, click here to find out more.

NOTE – If you do not have a website for your auto-dealership you should probably get one built ASAP, but don’t worry we have more solutions coming up that don’t require a site at all.

Visitor Chat sales lead generation

Install Visitor Chat on Your Facebook Page

Not only can you use the Visitor Chat system to generate leads via a website but you can also do it with a Facebook page.

It is as easy as giving the Visitor team access to the chat section of your social media page and then letting them collect leads for your auto dealership 24/7.

NOTE – If you do not have a Facebook page for your business you really should get one ASAP.

The pages are free and easy to build and are a great way of connecting with new and existing customers online.

Create or Improve Your Google My Business Listing

What is a Google My Business (aka GMB) listing? It is a listing for your business in the Google maps section of Google that can help with sales lead generation.

Hows is this useful? Because when people search for local businesses Google will pretty much always respond with map results so doing this might help you sell a new car or two.

As you can see from this image when you Google “car dealerships in New York” the top of the page is dominated by Google My Business listings for local auto-dealers:

Local lead generation for car sales leads

How Do You Setup or Improve a GMB Listing for an Auto Dealership?

  1. Either login in or create an account here.
  2. If you are starting from scratch follow the step-by-step instructions.
  3. Add as much data and information as possible, including contact details, opening times, high quality images, a useful description, a link to your website (if you have one), etc.
  4. Make sure you get the listing PIN verified by requesting the postcard is sent out to your address. This is very important!
  5. Encourage as many happy customers as possible to leave glowing reviews of your business.

If you go through these steps you will have created and published a niche relevant, locally targeted listing for your dealership that has the potential to generate you car sales leads, week in week out for free for as long as you are in business!

(And it only takes about thirty minutes of work from start to finish which isn’t bad for a free car sales lead generation technique).

Start or Improve the SEO on Your Website

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of making your site relevant enough and trustworthy enough to rank in the Google search engines results for the words and phrases (aka key words) that you want to rank for.

When done correctly SEO can be a highly effective method of lead generation for car sales lead generation send a steady trickle of car buyers to your website.

While this topic is far too big to cover completely in this article, we can give you the basic overview and then explain why it is so important when looking at auto dealer lead generation systems.

  1. Select the keywords you want to rank for. For example “used car dealers in New York City”.
  2. Optimize your site for these keywords, by having the keywords and related terms in the text of your site.
  3. Build relevant, high quality backlinks to the website. (These are links from related sites, Google sees these recommendations for your business).

You have two options for doing SEO car sales lead generation, you can either do it all yourself or you can hire an agency to help you out.

Why is SEO so important? Because Google is the largest marketing platform there is.

If you get your SEO right then you will create a steady and reliable flow of relevant, motivated customers to your website, week in week out for free!

And if you are smart enough to run your website with the Visitor Chat lead generation system you have the perfect search engine lead gathering system.

Examine Your Website’s Conversion Potential

Making sure your website is set up to convert visitors into leads or sales is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (aka CRO).

Again this is a huge topic that couldn’t fully be covered in a book, never mind a single blog post.

However taking some time to look at your site, compare it to your competitors and trying to make some basic improvements is well worth the effort:

  1. Page speed – If the pages of your website load slowly they are much less likely to convert. Speak to whoever built your website and get them to speed up your site.
  2. Call to actions – Call to actions (aka CTA’s) are essential for your site you should use them on every single page. A CTA is an instruction for the visitors to carry out a task for example “click here” or “enter your details here”.
  3. Use Visitor Chat – If people visit your auto dealership website you want to make sure that they convert into sales or leads. Because real people operate Visitor Chat they can guide your visitors in the right direction.

So why is CRO so important? Because once your site is getting traffic you need to make sure you convert as many of those visitors into leads and then customers as you possibly can.

Business Cards Still Matter (and Branded Giveaways)

It might sound a little old fashioned in today’s digital world but business cards and branded giveaways such as mugs, pens, notepads, etc are a still a great method of generating leads for your auto dealer business.

For an auto dealer we always recommend investing a little bit more in higher quality giveaways, for example if you get some pens with your dealership branding.

Make sure you get good ones that feel nice to write with and won’t run out of ink after a few minutes!

Raise Your Social Media Game

Free social marketing is limited (the platforms want you to pay to promote your auto business) but still very much worth doing.

We suggest finding a local car salesman or national car dealer competitors that are doing well with social media and then copying their strategy.

Here are some basic steps to get you going:

  1. Find which platforms they get most interactions with.
  2. Figure out which posts and comments are getting the best response.
  3. Figure out how to do it with your own slant.
  4. Obviously if you run a Facebook page get Visitor Chat installed so that our team can generate leads 24/7.
Social Media Marketing

Consider Paid Advertising on Google or Social Platforms

Using paid ads for car sales lead generation is something you either need to study very carefully or outsource to a company who specialize in lead generation from paid traffic.

However if you get it right, paid ads on Google and the big social media platforms can be a highly effective lead generation for auto dealers technique.

Use Highly Quality YouTube Video to Drive Traffic to Your Site

The secret to YouTube success is the quality of the content, for an auto dealerships this could be one of two routes:

  1. Slick commercial style videos – Well-produced videos showing the automobiles you sell, your business premises and your team.
  2. Informative videos – Videos sharing advice to help people looking to buy new vehicles. Build a good reputation by helping your potential customers learn more about what they need to know.

NOTE – As with most of these suggestions keep a close eye on successful competitors or related auto businesses and copy what they do well but with your own slant added to make it even better.

Start or Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

If you do not collect and store the emails from leads, inquiries and customers on a digital system of some sort you should start doing it right away.

If you build up lists of all your potential leads you can regularly keep in touch with them via email.

Sending out general news, letting them know of any special offers you have running, mentioning any interesting vehicles you might have for sale.

This is a great way of really maximizing the potential from every single lead that you can gather.

car sales lead generation

Use Offline Marketing to Complement Online

Local radio or local TV commercials, billboards, local print media such as magazines and newspapers can still generate leads for auto dealerships very effectively.

Customer Service is Powerful Lead Generation

This is a method of generating leads that is rarely focused on, but just doing a really good job of looking after your customers is incredibly powerful.

If you and your team go the extra mile to ensure your customers are happy with the service from your dealership they are likely to spread the word.

Imagine doing this for a year, focusing harder than ever on making your customers feel appreciated and looked after.

That’s hundreds or even thousands of potential brand ambassadors out there in your local area who can tell people how great doing business with you is.

Setup Strict Protocols to Ensure No lead is Ever Wasted

Ok so strictly speaking this one isn’t automotive lead generation but it is still very important.

Set up methods of working that mean every person who visits your business, your website, calls you on the phone or leaves a comment on social media is dealt with by one of your car salesmen.

There is no point in generating all these leads if you do not chase them up and do your very best to convert them in auto sales.

To Conclude Our Automotive Lead Generation Advice Article

Ok, so that is the end of this post of our list of lead generation techniques for car salesmen and the automotive industry.

We hope that you have found some methods you can use to improve your auto business sell more cars and make lots more money.

Before you go, for 24/7 lead generation please click here to find out more about Visitor Chat.

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