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Car Dealer Live Chat and Customer Service Support

Car Dealer Live Chat

Generate vehicle enquiries from
website visitors 24/7.

Industry specific operators engage with customers
through live chat, text and messenger, generating additional vehicle enquiries for your business.

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Inventory on Facebook?

We can connect live chat on Facebook Marketplace. Customers can ask questions to the team via the Messenger functionality.

Co-Managed Capability

Your sales people can login and manage chats from a centralised location and while using an industry specific back-up team to cover any overflow.

Systems Integration

Leads can be loaded directly in to your DMS or CRM for easy tracking and measuring.

Cell and Text Support

Supportive text message functionality allows customers to communicate with your business via their cell, even when they are not connected to the internet.

State of the art feature design

Your customers will engage through a modern and user friendly automotive live chat system.

Customizable colors and logos

Your chat system will feature your unique company theme and logo.

Text Message Response

Using a text feature, customers can continue to interact with your business.

Easily minimized

Customers can continue their journey on your website without interference by easily minimizing the chat feature at any time.

Push Feature

Send customers to the vehicle of choice with a dynamic “push” feature.

Text Message Response

Using a text feature, customers can continue to interact with your business.

Access performance statistics

View statistics based on a range of options including dates, departments and campaigns types.


New car dealer live chat system builds and updates provided.

Easy chat prioritization

Prioritize chats quickly and easily from the list of requests.

Obtain relevant company information

Obtain pinned location and department information such as opening hours and business addresses.

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